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The Inman Aligner is a fantastic, simple and hassle-free way of straightening your front teeth. You can now have your front teeth straightened in as little as 6 -16 weeks. Not every case is possible and of course there are limitations, but if you are suitable you could get a fantastic smile in a matter of weeks and at far less cost. Compliance is paramount. The Aligner will only work if you wear it every day for the treatment time. Ideally patients should wear the Aligner for 20 hours a day maximum. Any less and the treatment could take longer to complete.

It should always be removed before eating and you should clean your teeth and your aligner before you refit it back into your mouth.

It is ok to take your aligner out for photos, special occasions and eating as long as this is not for longer than a few hours.

How The Inman Aligner works

The Inman Aligner utilizes a lingual coil spring that puts pressure on the teeth that need repositioning and a labial bar that reverses the same pressure. These components work together to "squeeze" teeth together by pushing and pulling them into alignment.

Length of treatment

Inman Aligner treatment typically takes 6-16 weeks. Simple cases can complete in a little over 1 month and more complex cases might take 4 months or so. Your Inman Aligner Dentist will give you a realistic guide of what to expect. Normally lower front teeth move a little faster than uppers.
However, because the Inman Aligner is so highly efficient, when a case is suitable, it works much faster than alternative orthodontics techniques. This is what makes it so revolutionary and moves the Inman Aligner into the realms of cutting edge Cosmetic Dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Inman Aligner new?
Patients have been treated with Inman Aligners since 2000. In the United States approximately 450 to 500 new patients are prescribed treatment Zwith Inman Aligners every month.

Is the Inman Aligner comparable to Invisalign?
No, the Inman Aligner is used for treating the top and bottom front teeth only. Invisalign can treat full arches (all your teeth).

Will treatment with the Inman Aligner be uncomfortable?
No. Due to the gentle but steady orthodontic forces generated, the appliances are easily tolerated. Your doctor may suggest aspirin or Tylenol for the 1st few days of treatment if you encounter any discomfort.

Will the Inman Aligner affect my speech?
Yes. The Inman Aligner will affect your speech for a week or two. You will however acclimate to the appliances over time and be able to speak fine with them in place.

Will I need to see the doctor frequently for adjustments?
The Inman Aligners are pre-programmed to reduce the need for office visits. Your doctor will prescribe a treatment due to your needs.


We developed the Inman Aligner and Inman Family of appliances. These appliances have been some of the most successful appliances ever designed to correct Adult Relapse and have won both the Florida New Product Governor's Award and the 2002 Harry Hagman Inventor Award. The appliances may be used to correct misaligned teeth as well as cross bites and flared anteriors.

Click the images below for complete photographs of each appliance.


Inman Aligner Standard
The Inman Spring Aligner is designed for maxillary or mandibular incisal correction. Lingual and labial coil components are used to correct anterior rotations and crowding. See also Inman Aligner Standard Lower.


Invisible Inman Aligner
Lingual active component married to an invisible retainer. See also Invisible Inman Aligner Lingual.


Clear Bow Inman Aligner
This design option eliminates the wire on the front of the teeth and is very aesthetic.


White Bow Inman Aligner
This design option camouflages the wire while still allowing the use of hard clear acrylic. This option is less aesthetic than the Clear Bow Inman but is also less expensive.


Laser tubes - the sign of authentic aligners
Starting in the spring of 2008 If your Inman Aligner does not have the laser etched wording on the stainless steel tubes chances are it is not a true Inman Aligner. Only certified Inman Aligner Laboratories understand the fabrication techniques that are necessary for this complex appliance to function properly. Please don't accept imitations as they could waste your time and money.


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