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Invisalign is the invisable way to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made, nearly undetectable aligners. And it's been proven effective in both clinical research and in practices nationwide.

So whether your teeth are crowded, too far apart or have shifted since wearing braces, you'll have a new reason to smile.

Upon an initial examination, your doctor decides if Invisalign is right for you. Your doctor will write a treatment plan and take an impression of your teeth, which are submitted to Invisalign.

Using the latest advances in 3-D computer technology, Invisalign carefully translates your doctor's instructions into a series of precisely customized aligners. You then wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, moving your teeth, gradually - week by week, millimeter by millimeter - until you've achieved the intended result: straighter teeth.

Whether your smile needs minor improvements or more extensive adjustments, Invisalign can certainly help. It’s successful in treating overly crowded or widely spaced teeth. It can also relieve more complex issues, including overbites, underbites, and even crossbites.

Man inserting invisalign

Invisalign is made to fit your lifestyle, not change it. The first consultation is free of charge, and one of our certified Invisalign dentists will make an evaluation and give you a quote and estimate how long the treatment will be.

Invisalign is all about what is convenient to the patient! We have done hundreds of Invisalign cases and from speaking to our patients and listening to feed back they are a hit with everyone. It’s hard to believe that something so simple could be so effective but we see the results every day. People come through the door sceptical but it is not long before they come around. As the aligners are changed every two weeks it’s easy to monitor your progress and to see quick results! 

Invisalign along with Six Month Braces has evolved from a desire to straighten teeth visible in a patient's smile. As the process involves clear see-through trays, patients feel comfortable wearing them. Once on they are almost invisable and therefore offer the patient the confidence to go about their everyday life without the worry of covering up their mouth or not smiling for photos. In addition, as they are removed for meal times, it is much easier to keep your mouth clean and free of food debris. Once you decide to improve your smile, the rest is easy!!

This lady is wearing invisalign
Close up of lady wearing invisalign

This lady is wearing Invisalign

How does Invisalign Work?

Using the latest advances in 3-D computer technology, Invisalign translates your doctor's instructions into a series of nearly undetectable aligners. You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, millimeter by millimeter until you've achieved the desired result.

Is Invisalign effective?

Thousands of doctors are treating patients with Invisalign. It works for a wide range of people whose teeth are too crowded or have spaces between them, as well as for those whose teeth may have shifted after having worn braces in their youth.

How often will I have to wear my aligners?

Invisalign only works while you're wearing the aligners. It's recommended that you wear your aligners full-time, day and night, except to eat, brush and floss your teeth - or as directed by your doctor.

  Hand holding aligner
Lady inserting aligner

How long does Invisalign take?

The duration of treatment depends on the severity of your case, which determines the number of aligners you need. However, the average is about 12 months, but only your doctor can determine the lenght of your treatment.


How much does Invisalign cost?

As with traditional braces, the cost will be based on the complexity of your case and the length of treatment. Many doctors charge the same for Invisalign as they do for traditional braces. Also, if your dental insurance plan covers traditional braces, it will typically cover Invisalign to the same extent.

How do I get started?

Call an Invisalign-trained doctor and make an appointment for your Invisalign consultation. To find an Invisalign provider, visit the Clear Braces Group website.


  Invisalign Video Testimonial | Clare McKenna   Invisalign Video Testimonial | Sharon      


  The Beginning August 17th, 2010  

So this is really happening. What started as a niggling worry that my once straight teeth were beginning to overcrowd and a hankering for the Cheryl Cole smile has now become an incredible offer from Dental Options and that famous smile might just be a reality. In return for letting you all know how I get on with Invisalign, Dr. Barry Buckley has agreed to give me the treatment – so far, so great!

  Clare McKenna Teeth Before Invisalign  

  The Journey Continues October 20th, 2010  

Lisa from the office called me to make an appointment, so one sunny Tuesday I make the rather scenic drive to Clane General Hospital and up to the Dental Options Surgery. This is my 3rd trip now, so I skip in and I’m met with a couple of forms to fill out in the waiting area. Both are branded with Invisalign and cover the basics of the treatment.

Basically the forms outline all the stages of the Invisalign procedure and at the end I am to sign that I acknowledge and agree to these. Terms like teeth filing and agitated & scratched lips are floating in front of me but I read through each one and sign. Well there was no reference to a risk to my life and I’m confident I can ask Barry all about it when I go in.

The minute I slip into the chair the work begins, I ask about the teeth filing but more on that later…. Barry begins by putting little squares of teeth glue on 4 of my teeth, 2 top and 2 bottom and these are hardened using a funny looking gun – he explains this is to keep the Invisalign brace in place. I’m getting it today! My attention span is not what it should be, I thought I was just going out to check out my treatment programme and see it on DVD, then would come back in a couple more weeks for the braces themselves. But low and behold, the gangs all here – they work seriously hard in Invisalign HQ, it’s a very quick turnaround.

So next, it’s time to look at this animation DVD – it’s a bit of a dark comedy as it shows my teeth in all their imperfect glory and then it moves to show what they will look like after treatment – well then it’s just a love story, brilliant! All this, Barry says, will be achieved in 6 months!

He does warn than when the teeth are all straightened that they may not suit me 100% and the treatment may have to include some tweaking. I find it quite reassuring, no one’s going to send me out in to the world with this massive Hollywood smile that isn’t quite me.

OK, now it’s time to mention the teeth filing – doesn’t sound too pretty does it? Barry says that because you are moving teeth you need to create space so you need to file in between the teeth a little. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Barry uses what I can only describe as something between a nail file and a piece of tin foil and then runs it between certain teeth, only 4, in the way you would when flossing but between the teeth not up near the gums. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt at all but the sensation is a little icky, like nails on a blackboard or one of those shivery sounds – but honestly I didn’t flinch – be ready for it, but don’t worry about it. Then it’s a quick polish and it’s time for the braces, in 2.4 seconds they’re in and I’m on the road to straighter teeth! I’m a little shell shocked, remember I didn’t realise this was happening today, probably just as well. The brace doesn’t feel uncomfortable or painful but my mouth is going ‘what the hell is this?!’ and I’m kind of lisping, but it’s in!

Some of the warnings outlined on the form are reiterated by Barry – it sounds obvious but you just have to wear the Invisalign all the time, except when eating. I ask him about this, I’m concerned that as a radio presenter and voice over artist that this lisping thing is going to be an issue, I am assured that any speech impediment will be gone completely within 2 weeks, Barry says the mouth is constantly sending signals to the brain telling it to adapt and it will – fascinating eh! However, he says I don’t need to be regimental about the keeping it in at all times. The recommendation is that you go Invisalign free for no longer than an hour and a half, but he says not to worry too much, it’s not an exact science. If I go for dinner, take it out and then stay at the table for a few hours it’s not going to be a big deal but then comes the clincher – Barry tells me to just go with the treatment, don’t think of it like you would a diet ‘oh I was good today, I wore the brace a lot’ it’s not like that, if you want the treatment to work, wear the brace. Simple as.

Then it’s time for another photo, I feel a bit weird standing there with my Invisalign in smiling but then Barry shows me a close up and to be honest you can hardly see it, so I’m comforted. After checking that I don’t have anymore questions, he leads me like a foal on new legs to the reception where there is a mirror and I can check myself out. Obviously the braces are screaming out at me but they are a million miles away from train tracks.

Barry leaves me in the very capable hands of the gorgeous receptionist, Lisa. Not only does she appear to run the show from behind the desk but she’s had Invisalign too and gives great practical advice, as she’s been through it herself. She also gives me gives me an amazing starter pack of everything I need – cleaners, cases, travel toothbrush (seriously cool) – and she assures me that today is the hardest day, the day they will feel the most uncomfortable and it gets easier, she’s fab. So off I go and can’t wait to get to the car to have a good look.

While I’m driving I’m talking to myself to see how badly I’m lisping. For some reason I’ve chosen to say Gym Class Heroes over and over again, and to be honest it’s not lispy at all, it’s getting better. I’ve to go straight to a launch in town, there’s 50 people at a Bootcamp Ireland event and I’ve to meet new people and even say a few words in front of the group. To be honest, I’m very conscious of my new braces and I’m not the self conscious type. The launch goes on longer than expected and haven’t had any dinner, starved and while there is a food of table I can’t eat with the braces in. I mention this to one of the girls there and she can’t believe I have a brace in, she says she’s often thought about getting them and didn’t even notice – I’ve been talking to her loads!

I head home to hubby and when I ask him if he notices anything different – he suggests I’ve had my hair done. Invisalign Douze Points! Husband Nil Pointes! ☺

  The First Three Months January 12th, 2011  

Twelve weeks in and it’s going well. The brace and all that goes with it takes a bit of getting used to. You have to remember all your bits & pieces – your toothbrush and toothpaste (I know we all should carry this anyway to brush between meals but really who does?), the box to put it in when you take it out. And quite often I’ve taken mine out to have dinner in the evening, cleaned up or watched telly, whatever I’m doing, then headed up the stairs and been in bed for a while before I remember my little plastic friend. I have been diligent though and gone down to get it each time.

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit but to be honest I think that depends on the habit. You can get used to going to the gym in the mornings before work but it still doesn’t mean you leap out of bed when the alarm goes off at 6am. The reason you keep up with something is a) if you enjoy it and b) if you gain from it and while I can’t say I’m necessarily enjoying the brace, though there’s a certain amount of fun to be derived from the ‘see who notices the brace when I’m out’ game (the answer is no one) but I am certainly enjoying the results.

I’m only at the half way mark, but I’ve been changing the brace along the way at home. Barry gave me my scheduled amount of braces and every two weeks you just rip open a new one, so no need to go to the dental surgery. A new brace can feel a little tight for the first couple of days, but that’s how you know it’s working, it’s moving and straightening your teeth and mine are definitely on the move. The rogue one at the top has pottered back in to its original home and while there is a way to go on the bottom lot, there’s a major difference. Here’s to the next three months!

  My New Accessory February 15th, 2011  

When I walk out the door my checklist is keys, phone, wallet and now Invisalign. I know I swore I would wear it all the time when I signed up for it, but to be honest I was thinking I’d leave it off for social occasions but when no one notices and it makes no difference to how you’re feeling then I see no reason not to, so I pretty much have the brace on 24/7.

So let me give you the truth, the nitty gritty. There are good points and bad points to this – the good, yes it’s straightening your teeth but also it saves you pounds and lbs – I don’t really bother with the morning latte anymore which cost me nearly 4 quid a go on the way to work because I don’t like drinking coffee when the brace in. I’m sure others might and then give it a rinse later but it’s just not for me – that’s saving no.1. The second is the built in diet. Because you have to take the brace out and put it in it’s case before you eat anything, then brush your teeth, rinse the brace and pop it back in, believe me, you will pick and chose these times. It’s not that you won’t eat or treat yourself once too often when paying for petrol in the garage and why would you want to stop that, it’s the mindless picking at stuff you didn’t really need that stops – the bowl of crisps or peanuts at a party, that Quality Street tin someone brought in to work – I’m not saying you’ll never eat these things again but you will think twice about whether you can be bothered to go through the brace regime and you’ll only be bothered half the time, so there’s the lbs lost – more reason to show off your new smile.

The downside are few but one I would have to say is the taking out of the brace, it’s not a laborious task but it’s not the most attractive thing to do at the dinner table, maybe it’s just me but I tend to get a bit self conscious so I would suggest you pop to the loo to do it discreetly and that’s about it.

I’ve literally worn the brace to everything – a wedding, an awards ceremony, a festival and it has never annoyed me once, just become my new accessory.

  The Ultimate Test March 20th, 2011  

  Clare McKenna U Magazine  

Interview with U Magazine - 'In the Bag'


I got a call from U magazine last month asking if they could come by the office and have a root in my handbag.

The lovely Martha, deputy editor, said the piece was called In the Bag and they literally wanted to weigh and discuss the contents of mine. Now I do love my fashion and while I spend way more than I should when it comes to clothes and shoes, the one area I fall down in is handbags (thank god or I’d be on the streets!). I just don’t buy them really. I’ve got about 5 and I’m not the kind of girl who coordinates her bag with her outfit, I literally rotate them every 3 months or so and in the meantime fill which ever one I’m carrying with more and more crap.I do like the 5 that I have so I wasn’t overly concerned about the piece and honestly didn’t seek one out especially for the interview, which Martha said would include a photograph. I also didn’t bother checking the contents just removed about 10 balled up tissues and I was ready.

In life, I often regret my relaxed attitude to things later on, it was the same with this interview. I didn’t get a blowdry, or have my makeup professionally done – I’m just not that type, don’t get me wrong I’d enjoy it but just never seem to prioritise these things. Anyway, you can see the end result – regret sunk in, it’s not a great photo – should have gotten the blowdry and a make up artist would never have left that shiny face but one good thing, you’d never spot that I’m wearing the Invisalign brace, not even the photographer didn’t!

  Much Ado About Nothing April 28th, 2011  

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog of late, as there’s just not much more to report. The invisalign brace just becomes a part of your life, you forget what it’s like not to have it and almost forget it’s in your mouth.

The only thing that reminds you is the thoughts of the treatment coming to an end and straight teeth!

Only a couple of months to go now, I think the teeth look great already – chuffed!

  Things that go Bump! May 10th, 2011  

So I’m in the Twilight of my time with Invisalign, after wearing 12 different braces over 5 months it was time for my last appointment with Barry Buckley at Dental Options, or so I thought!

I thought my teeth were looking pretty good, they are a million miles away from where they were, particularly on the bottom where there was serious overcrowding going on. I thought we’d got to as good as it was going to get but Barry said no when he saw them, until they are perfect we are going to continue with the treatment! It’s actually a great part of the Invisalign package, you don’t pay any extra but there may be some post treatment refinement – just a nip and a tuck as it were to make sure you really get the optimum smile. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons the teeth don’t react exactly as planned, that’s life eh! So I had more impressions taken (the gum shield with the mushy stuff in it) and they have been sent off to Invisalign HQ, I should my new braces in a couple of weeks. These will open the door to the perfectly straight teeth we set out for in the beginning.

I also had to make a confession to Barry when out there. I have not been wearing the braces with the discipline I had in the beginning, I do have an excuse of sorts though! My priorities and body have changed irreversibly over the last few months as I’m pregnant! I actually rang Barry before heading out for my appointment because it’s been 4 months since my last appointment and I didn’t want to frighten him with my new ‘smuggling a beachball look’!

There have been a couple of times during the last few months where the brace just wasn’t my best friend. When I was feeling particularly queasy with the ol’ morning sickness the brace just made me want to gag so it had to stay at home in its pretty blue plastic case for the day. I then got the swine flu jab and forget the pigs, I was sick as dog for a week! Serious flu, so again the brace took a backseat.

If you can learn anything from my mistakes, don’t do that! If you want Invisalign to work and you want straight teeth, once you are approved for the treatment you can have them, but you HAVE to wear the brace! I think because I am adding to the population in a couple of months time that I’ve got a valid excuse for side stepping the advice given to me by Dental Options, but the truth is I am worried that I may be responsible for the fact that my treatment isn’t finished, my teeth aren’t perfectly straight! So really, there are no excuses, you just have to wear the brace.

So I’m being a good girl, wearing the last brace until I get the call from Dental Option that my next set have arrived. And I’m saying 10 Hail Marys and 1 Our Father.

For more info or to book a free consultation log on to www.dentaloptions.ie

  The End is Nigh May 28th, 2011  

So this is it, I think! My teeth are straight, top and bottom and on Thursday I’m heading out to Dental Options for what will be one of my last appointments. I’m having my teeth cleaned by their hygienist and then I get to show Barry what an excellent patient I’ve been, wearing the brace all the time which is what the treatment demands.

And guess what? If you play by the rules the majority of the time, it works! My sister even commented on how straight my teeth were and she says she thinks it makes them look whiter! And you don’t just have to take my word for it, have you seen Keith Duffy recently? He’s been visiting the clinic and showed of quite a dazzling smile on the Late Late show a few weeks ago.

I’ve even convinced my best friend Alison who’s signed up for the treatment and 1 month in she’s already loving the results.

I have to discuss my next steps with Dental Options, how I hang on to this smile I ordered, so I’ll be back on after the appointment but until then, as an experienced Invisalign wearer, I’ve drawn up a few tips;

- Always remember your brace case, Dental Options will give you loads in your pack, use them! There’s enough to have one by your bed, one by the sink, one at work ( you get the drift) but NEVER place your brace in a tissue or napkin – believe me you’ll only have to go searching the bin or your waiter will take it away with the empty plates!

- You will also be giving a little sterilising unit in your pack but another good way to clean your brace and make sure it is germ free is to pop it in a sink of warm water and a glug of Milton – it will sparkle and you’ll be happy to pop it back in again.

- On the same subject (I think the swine flu epidemic made me paranoid!) I always carried a little bottle of antibacterial hand gel in my bag, just for when taking the brace in and out, maybe I’m borderline OCD but you pick up germs from door handles, bus rails etc and you don’t want them getting on your brace and into your mouth. I’m not suggesting this will kill you but you might pick up a cold and that’s just hassle.

- Do not eat with it in, you may think it will be fine but it just feels weird. (I tried with a square of chocolate for the good of this blog I swear!!)

- Stick with it – there are times it will wreck your head, there are romantic situations when you’ll wish you weren’t wearing it but hang in there! The treatment doesn’t last for ever, very few people will actually notice you’re wearing it and it works - you can get the smile you want, I did!

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